Residents will have a robust didactic schedule. Residents will have protected time every Wednesday for an Academic Half Day (12 – 5 pm). Each month, the didactic schedule will focus on a specific system and will include the ‘Top 50 Diagnoses for Family Medicine Physicians.

Download an example of an Academic Half-Day

Didactic training will be taught by our Family Medicine faculty and specialty physicians with a focus on team-based care delivery. In addition to the academic rigor, there will be opportunities for collaboration. These will include wellness activities, Balint groups and resident meetings.

Below are examples of foundational topics commonly include each month:

  • Top 50 family medicine diagnoses
  • Resident as teacher exercise
  • Communication exercise
  • Behavior health
  • Procedure workshop
  • Simulation workshop
  • Coding
  • Health system leadership
  • Practice-based learning
  • Interdisciplinary team-based learning
  • Journal club
  • Quality (safety) workshop
  • Case-based learning (based on the system that month)
  • Evidence-based practice
  • Board review/test preparation
  • Geriatrics lecture with nursing home teachings
  • Professionalism cases
  • Leadership exercises
  • Critical appraisal topic