The Transplant Rotation focuses on the liver and kidney services. The resident will have responsibility for patient care including admitting patients to the hospital, supervised decision-making participation in operative procedures, writing orders, test scheduling and follow-up, performing and dictating history and physicals, writing daily notes, evaluation patients, ordering and interpreting laboratory results and dictating discharge summaries.

Goals & Objectives

Emory University Hospital

In 2017, U.S. News & World Report ranked Emory University Hospital the No. 1 hospital in both metro Atlanta and Georgia for the sixth year in a row. Staffed exclusively by Emory University School of Medicine faculty, Emory University Hospital is one of the nation's leading hospitals in cardiology and heart surgery, cancer, neurology and solid organ transplant. Emory University Hospital has 733 beds, including 93 ICU beds and a Serious Communicable Disease Unit where the first Ebola patients in the United States were treated. Emory University Hospital is continuously expanding with the recent addition of a new 450,000 square-foot Hospital Tower on Clifton Campus. This has allowed for expansion of services and expert care, while creating an integrated, welcoming and spacious environment for patients and their families. Emory University Hospital boasts one of the best solid organ transplant centers in the nation. Our renowned surgeons have performed more than 8,900 transplants, with Emory Transplant Center ranking among the top 15 centers in the nation by adult volume. Northeast Georgia General Surgery residents will complete a transplant rotation at Emory University Hospital with Emory University School of Medicine transplant faculty supervising the residents. Site Director: Jahnavi Srinivasan, MD