July 6, 2020

Residency training is one of the most exciting chapters in a medical student’s journey. After years of preparation, they are finally ready to join a graduate medical education (GME) program, where they will work at a hospital that offers training in their specialty. Today, doctors are in high demand in every corner of the world, and recent medical graduates are answering the call to help.


At Northeast Georgia Medical Center (NGMC), potential residents will participate in virtual interviews. Many applicants may be new to this process, but the GME program is dedicated to making this format as seamless as possible.


Prior to a virtual interview, potential residents will receive exact information on who they will be speaking with, and at what time the interview will take place. NGMC will be utilizing Zoom or Teams this interview season, so make sure you’ve downloaded the software (and checked for updates). It’s important to approach this meeting just like you would an in-person interview; arrive punctually, dress professionally, and be mentally prepared. Limiting distractions is also a good idea. Find a quiet space where you can speak freely. If possible, try to minimize any background noise. Consider your surroundings that will be visible on camera, and keep them neat and well-lit.


Both audio and visual capabilities will be required for these interviews (no audio-only), so it’s best to familiarize yourself with the relevant technology before your interview time. Check your microphone and camera quality, as well as your internet speed to guarantee that everything is functioning properly. If necessary, you may try making a trial call to someone you know to practice using Zoom or Teams. Taking these steps to prepare for a virtual interview will make this process easier for everyone involved.

During the interview, applicants will speak with an interviewer in real time. The type of questions asked will not differ due to the online platform. Talking through a screen may feel less personal than speaking face-to-face, so make a conscious effort to be fully engaged with the conversation. If it helps, you can take advantage of Zoom’s “Hide Self View” option, which hides your face from your own screen, but not the interviewer’s. After the interviewer asks their questions, applicants are welcome to ask their own. These interviews are timed when conducted in person, and this will be the case online as well, so use your time wisely. It is our goal for these virtual interviews to be as similar to face-to-face meetings as possible in order to minimize stress and confusion.

NGMC is eager to welcome new residents, and we are currently working to make this process even more enriching for our applicants through interactive content and virtual tours.

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