Our Core Values

Northeast Georgia Health System prides itself on four core values, all of which help us achieve our mission of improving the health of our community in all we do. These values shape the daily interactions between our physicians, staff, volunteers, board members, patients and their loved ones.

Passion for Excellence
I bring my best every day.

Responsible Stewardship
What I do today ensures tomorrow.

Deep Interdependence
I can’t do my job without you.

Respectful Compassion
I impact life’s most sacred moments.

“Many organizations have mission statements / vision statements and we of course have those at Northeast Georgia as well, but I think the Core Values angle does anchor us in everything that we do. It keeps us mindful – it keeps us grounded in what is it that we’re really here to do every day. So that no matter how hectic life gets or no matter how many sick patients come through the door, we always can keep ourselves grounded and focused on what it is that we’re trying to accomplish for the patient – and how we’re living out those values to improve our community.”

John E. Delzell, Jr., MD, MSPH, MBA
NGHS VP of Medical Education and DIO for NGMC