How to Apply

Becoming a Resident or Fellow at NGMC GME

Applying to residencies and fellowships is an exciting step in the medical career journey. We’re glad you’re here exploring our programs, and invite you to take a look at the benefits we offer.

Application Process

Step 1: Submit your application through ERAS

The first step to applying for a residency position at Northeast Georgia Medical Center is to submit your application along with other appropriate supporting documents through ERAS. We will accept applications for our Residency and Fellowship programs through ERAS during the traditional application cycles. 

ERAS®, or the Electronic Residency Application Service, streamlines the residency application process for applicants, their Designated Dean’s Offices, Letter of Recommendation (LoR) authors and program directors. By providing applicants the ability to build and deliver their application and supporting materials individually or as a package to programs, ERAS provides a centralized but flexible solution to the residency application and documents distribution process.

Your Dean’s Office can assist you with this process. Any information submitted outside of ERAS cannot be accepted.

Our program is ACGME accredited and only accepts applications from ERAS.

Please make sure you have uploaded the following documents in ERAS:

  • USMLE Results or Comlex Results
  • Medical school transcript
  • Personal statement
  • 3 or 4 letters of recommendation, including a PD recommendation for fellowship programs
  • MSPE (Dean’s letter)

Programs will not accept applications or documents outside of the ERAS system. Applicants accepted into the program will need to successfully complete both parts of USMLE Step 1 and 2 or Comlex Part 1 and 2 to start the program. We strongly encourage applicants to take both parts of USMLE Step 2 or Comlex Part 2 before December 31 to permit reporting of scores before the deadline of final rank list submissions.

Reporting of USMLE scores can take approximately 8 weeks. All applicants who have already matriculated from medical school are encouraged to have completed USMLE Step 3 or Comlex Part 3.

*U.S. applicants must schedule USMLE or Comlex exams and report their Step 1 and Step 2 CK or Part 1 or 2 Comlex scores to ensure that NGMC can download the results of these exams before the NRMP rank list deadline in mid-February. All pass-fail results need to be submitted to the program at the time they are obtained by the trainee.

What documents do I need to apply through ERAS?

Please make sure you have uploaded the following documents in ERAS:

  • USMLE Results or Comlex Results
  • Medical school transcript
  • Personal statement
  • 3 or 4 letters of recommendation, including a PD recommendation for fellowship programs
  • MSPE (Dean’s letter)

International Students
Well-qualified international medical school graduates may be considered for admission into NGMC’s GME residency programs. International medical graduates must be certified by the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG).

We will partner with the ECFMG to sponsor J1 Visas only.

Step 2: Interviews

Interviews will be conducted on selected dates during interview season. Invitations to interview are extended through the ERAS system.

Nondiscrimination Policy
NGMC is committed to equal opportunity for all students and physicians who apply to our residency and fellowship programs and to nondiscrimination in the recruitment, appointment and retention of residents and fellows. NGMC does not discriminate with regard to race, gender, color, creed, religion, national origin, ancestry, age, marital status, disability, sexual orientation (including gender identity) or status as a protected veteran.

At NGMC GME, we have a strong commitment and responsibility to provide diverse and inclusive medical education that is representative of our growing patient population. Doing so will help address health disparities, medical bias and support of our organizational mission

How will I know if I have an interview?

Personal interviews are by invitation only and are based on the information in the applicant’s ERAS application, including:

  • Academic performance
  • United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) or Comlex scores*
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Other accomplishments

Step 3: The Match

All appointments are made through the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP). Applicants must register through the NRMP website in addition to submitting their application through ERAS.

Step 4: Credentialing & Start Date

Resident and fellow physicians must be fully credentialed by the NGMC Office of Graduate Medical Education prior to commencement of their respective training program and prior to reappointment to the program. As such, programs as well as all residents and fellows must comply with appointment and credentialing requirements as outlined in this policy.

Appointment to a NGMC training program is conditional and contingent upon successful completion of the appointment and credentialing process, which includes:

  • The satisfactory completion of the criminal background check process
  • Verification of satisfactory prior training (if applicable)
  • Eligibility for employment in the United States and in the State of Georgia.
  • Eligibility for Licensure with the Georgia Composite Medical Board.

Programs, residents and fellows must also comply with the credentialing requirements of other participating training sites. Residents may not commence with training at these sites until all required appointment and credentialing documentation as required by each site has been received.

When do I start?

The first year of residency normally begins with orientation beginning 10 business days prior to July 1. Orientation is required. Pay begins on the first day of orientation.

Fellows begin training on July 1.

Salary & Benefit Information

Residents and Fellows will receive health insurance including pharmacy benefits, vision coverage, life insurance, short and long term disability, 401k and relocation coverage.

Residents and fellows may take up to 3 weeks of vacation (15 days). Vacations must be requested in 1-week (Monday-Friday) blocks and approved by the Program Director and Program Coordinator. Specific rotations or calendar dates may be excluded from vacations as determined by each program. The weekend prior or the weekend immediately following approved vacations may be scheduled off as determined by the program. Some flexibility of the Monday-Friday vacation policy may be given for interviews in the senior years.

Educational Stipend
Residents and fellows are eligible to receive an educational stipend each year.

  • PGY-1 – $800
  • PGY-2 – $1,500
  • PGY-3 and above – $3,000

Family Medical / Caregiver Leave
Residents and Fellows are eligible for paid family medical/caregiver leave according to the vacation and leave policy. 

Sample Contract 
GME sample contract For more information about salary or benefits, contact the NGMC GME Office at 770-219-8730 or

Resident/Fellow Physician Salaries
Academic Year 2024-2025

  • PGY-1 – $65,528.74
  • PGY-2 – $67,712.74
  • PGY-3 – $70,071.46
  • PGY-4 – $72,342.82
  • PGY-5 – $75,331,82
  • PGY-6 – $77,624.82
  • PGY-7 – $79,918.02
  • PGY-8 – $82,211.22