Professional Development

The Office of Graduate Medical Education will provide the necessary resources for faculty, nurses, and administrative staff to be successful in their academic and educational roles.

GME Faculty Development

To ensure that our faculty remains at the forefront of teaching excellence, we offer a comprehensive faculty development program - from faculty onboarding to continuing medical education learning opportunities.

Our faculty development program is designed to cater to diverse learning preferences, providing a range of opportunities from our extensive microlearning video library to engaging live lectures and interactive workshops. Through our faculty development initiatives, we empower our educators to continually enhance their skills, fostering an environment of innovation and excellence in medical training for residents.

CoRE Curriculum

The Cornerstones of Resident Education (CoRE), is a three-year longitudinal curriculum which engages residents and fellows across all programs at the Sponsoring Institution. CoRE i

s built on a framework of interdisciplinary simulation, participatory information delivery, and experiential learning in the clinical setting. This curriculum spans issues of wellness, patient safety and quality improvement, scholarship, and teaching skills. The CoRE sessions are held on a bi-monthly basis in the evening and include a time of fellowship over dinner. All sessions are highly interactive, incorporating games, role playing and discussions.

Program Coordinator Development

Program Coordinators are an integral part of each program’s leadership team. The Program Coordinator works in partnership with the program director by ensuring that regulatory and accreditation standards are met, educational activities that support the curriculum are established, departmental policies are created and enforced, and recruitment strategies are implemented so that a highly successful residency and fellowship program is created and maintained. Newly hired coordinators participate in an extensive training program to prepare him/her. This includes ongoing support from his/her supervisor and fellow coordinators.