Food for thought: How negative thinking impacts our life & health

July 27, 2023

Do you ever find yourself falling into the habit of thinking negatively? It may start as just one small, pessimistic thought, but it can easily turn into a rabbit hole of doom and gloom. All of us have had those moments, and before we know it, it’s hard to see the positive in anything. Negative thoughts can take over all aspects of our lives. They can affect our relationships with others, cause low self-esteem, and make it harder to get through our day. Not only can negative thinking adversely affect our mental health (by worsening anxiety and depression), but it can also affect our physical health (by raising blood pressure and making it more difficult to recover from illness). These are just a few examples of how mindset and health are connected. Although negative thoughts can make us feel powerless, we actually have the power to fight back against them and challenge the way we think.