Harmandeep S. Gill, MD


Current Resident


Harmandeep S. Gill, MD

Residency Program

Family Medicine

Program Year


Medical School

Aureus University School of Medicine


Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada


Why did you choose a career in Family Medicine?

I wanted to treat patients of all ages, from newborns to the elderly. Family Medicine allows me to develop long term relationships with my patients and provide ongoing care throughout their lives and be well-versed in multiple areas of medicine. Growing up, I had a family doctor who connected with all of our family and really inspired me to become one myself. I like the fact that not only did he deliver both me and my brother, but also took care of my elderly grandparents at his clinic. This is what I want to do in my future practice!

What are some of your fondest memories of medical school?

Taking the Hippocratic oath and receiving my white coat! Going to medical school in Aruba also gave me the opportunity to see the island – once final exams were finished. I enjoyed health fairs with the locals, helping patients learn and understand what is actually happening with her medical conditions (such as diabetes or hypertension) and being recognized for my hard work.

What drew you to pursue the Family Medicine residency program with NGMC? For those not from Georgia, what drew you to the state?

The kind and respectful people I met during the interview process drew me to have this program as my number one choice. NGMC has a well established program known for its emphasis on community-based care and providing high-quality/comprehensive care to patients. I knew I wanted to complete my residency program in a southern United States location, and after much research, NGMC seemed like the best option. I’m glad I did choose it! Getting to know some of the residents prior to the interview also helped me get more insight about the inner workings of the program, and I genuinely thought that the residents were happy, which was a great sign.

What were your favorite clubs/activities in high school?

My favorite activities in high school was planning school events with the student leadership team, playing soccer and hockey – which any typical Canadian does! Whenever I got the chance, I would get my friends together and we would go for long ATV trips in the mountains and go fishing.

What are your hobbies?

I enjoying dirt biking and ATV’s. Being a farmer in Canada, I also like keeping plants at home that I can take care of. Like I mentioned prior, another great hobby of mine is fishing. I love to explore the great outdoors no matter where it is. In Georgia, I have thoroughly enjoyed the beauty of having mountains nearby – just like my home back in Vancouver.