Victoria M. Timmermans, MD


Current Resident


Victoria M. Timmermans, MD

Residency Program

Family Medicine

Program Year


Medical School

University of Medicine and Health Sciences




Dr. Timmermans is a graduate of the University of Medicine and Health Sciences, St. Kitts. She is from Nanaimo, British Columbia, one of the cities on Vancouver Island off the west coast of Canada.

Before studying medicine, Dr. Timmermans studied biology, physical education, and theology. These studies have taken her around the globe and have shaped the care she gives to her patients. She loves to brainstorm with patients about how they can make effective changes physically and mentally in a way that fits with their lifestyle and goals. She has a tender spot for victims of abuse in the community; she is diligent in encouraging and equipping families to pursue healthy relationships and take responsibility for their health and wellness. She loves to speak in Spanish with her patients and hopes to improve her verbal French communication skills.

Dr. Timmermans loves all aquatic sports and is thrilled at the proximity of NGMC to Lake Lanier so she can continue to swim and row. She is also an avid baker and frequent painter.

Dr. Timmermans is thrilled to be a part of the Family Medicine residency program at NGMC!

“While I’ve traveled the world, I have never found a place that feels so much like home like right here in Gainesville. I’m particularly excited about the robust rural medicine training so that no patient is neglected. Equally thrilling is the care given for bariatric patients who have newfound energy to do all the activities that bring them joy in life. The genuine hospitality, compassion, and teamwork found at NGMC inspire me to give the best possible care for every patient I see.”