Growth Minded Faculty=Growth Minded Residents

March 1, 2019

The investment Northeast Georgia Medical Center (NGMC) places into their Graduate Medical Education (GME) faculty development is one of several reasons why our Family Medicine residency program is exceptional. In preparation for Family Medicine residents, the faculty continue to provide extraordinary patient care while simultaneously developing additional skills that will, in turn, develop outstanding residents. The GME faculty is engaging in team-based education to promote personal and professional growth.

Family Medicine faculty member Devin Vicknair, MS, PhD, has been instrumental in developing this model. He had the opportunity to provide a series of faculty development activities based on the work of Stanford University professor, Dr. Carol Dweck, highlighting Beliefs, Behaviors and Practices of a Growth vs. Fixed Mindset. “People who have a growth mindset are valuable to healthcare as they are inclined to be compassionate, open to change, accepting of challenges, promoters of learning/teaching, and are generally persistent,” said Dr. Vicknair. “NGMC GME recognizes that learning and practicing the growth mindset will inspire residents to practice with passion, improve patient-centered care, and improve the health of the community in all that we do.”

Spotlight on Devin Vicknair, MS, PhD

Why did you choose to practice at NGMC?

There are many reasons why I wanted to practice at NGMC, but the primary reason was NGMC’s reputation for delivering very high quality of care. For example, in my private practice, I would have many patients tell me about the care they received through NGMC. I found it exciting to think there is a healthcare system that embodies “health” and “care” rather than just the financial and business side of healthcare. This belief became evident when I was contacted by NGMC Internal Medicine physician, Dr. Idopise Umana. While referring one of her patients, she briefed me on this person as if they were a family member! She demonstrated empathy, compassion, medical knowledge and unparalleled personal care. Fortunately, I found similar traits in other providers for NGMC and realized it matched my own values and care delivery, so I knew NGMC would be a great match!

What are your goals for the Family Medicine residency program?

Ultimately, my goal for the Family Medicine residency program is to provide a robust learning environment, coupled with a vast amount of resources, that will result in exceptional physicians whom I would choose to treat my family and friends. The Family Medicine GME faculty is dedicated to supporting each resident to practice personal growth to be an outstanding individual. In turn, these value-driven physicians will improve local and global health, promoting a legacy for NGMC.

What is your role in the Family Medicine residency program?

As the inaugural faculty, I had the opportunity to design the four week and longitudinal behavioral health curriculum, as well as the interpersonal and communication skills curriculum. I will serve on the Clinical Competency Committee (CCC) and assist resident’s in developing diagnostic and treatment skills related to behavioral health. These skills will include didactics, Balint/support groups, and direct patient care.

What type of resident will thrive at NGMC?

I believe the residents that will thrive at NGMC are those who have a growth mindset and practice self-care. Thriving residents will most likely embrace challenges, enjoy learning, and focus on the journey of personal and professional growth. In addition, they will accomplish the goals of NGHS including: provide comprehensive care, develop a passion for excellence, display respectful compassion, live with deep interdependence, and perform as servant leaders.

What do you think is different about our Family Medicine residency program than other competing residency programs?

Our faculty are established family medicine physicians with decades of experience, who have spent the last year specifically training and preparing for residents. We will have energetic residents who love to learn and grow as well as help us “break-in” our new equipment! We are very proud of our 24,000 sq. foot facility that includes sim labs and a new building dedicated to GME. It is this dedication to leadership, value, team, and pursuit of excellence, that makes us different. In our community-based program, residents will have hands-on training directing care that is focused on prevention. They will become experts in chronic disease management and receive additional training in:

  • Population Health Management
  • Global Health
  • Leadership
  • Billing and Coding
  • LEAN/Quality Improvement

Since we are a new program, we are most likely “over the top” in our approach to establish a residency program! Our goal is to exceed the needs of our residents.

What do you like to do outside of work?

Most of my time revolves around work and family! I’ve been married to my wife and best friend for almost 22 years. We have two teenage boys and two-4 legged children! I start everyday with at least 30 minutes of exercise to care for myself, so that I am better equipped to care for others. I love to learn, so most days you’ll find me reading, listening to podcasts, or engaged in continuing education courses. When I am not at work I enjoy boating on Lake Lanier and watching college football while cheering for UGA-Go Dawgs! A perfect day is when all our family (dogs too) are on the boat while simultaneously watching UGA football! I also appreciate time outdoors including running and pretending to play golf!

What do you like about living in Northeast Georgia?

Besides college, I have lived in Gwinnett County my entire life. My wife and I plan to move to the Gainesville area (possibly on the lake) once our boys are in college. The amenities and culture that rural living exudes are great as I look forward to a long career with NGMC.

NGMC Family Medicine Residency Program

Northeast Georgia Medical Center (NGMC) has received initial accreditation from the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (GME) for its Family Medicine residency program. NGMC anticipates interviewing approximately 200 Family Medicine residency candidates from October 2019 through January 2020. Learn more about NGMC’s Family Medicine Residency Program.

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