GME Awards Banquet Winners

May 23, 2022

Residents, faculty, staff, and their guests gathered at Scott’s Downtown for the 2nd annual GME Awards banquet. This event is held to recognize the scholarly and personal accomplishments of residents and faculty and to celebrate the end of another successful academic year. Awards were presented to the following recipients:

Research Day Poster Winners:

Research Category:
Herrera M, Takla P, Abidoye O, Kim N, Jones L, Kruer J, Nguyen K, Nisbet R, Arfoosh R. Pulmonary Function Natural Recovery Course from SARS-COV-2 Induced ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome) as Noted by Pulmonary Function Testing.

Case Report Category:
Cho Y, Mahmood R, Herrera M, Salah Z, Saleem S. Hypoalbuminemia as a warning sign for Paraneoplastic Nephrotic Syndrome In Squamous Lung Cancer.

Quality Improvement Category:
Baleguli V, Ahmad M, Rizvi S, Fombi J, Ye P, Fombi J. Instituting early mobilization to decrease the length of stay in the patients admitted to the medical floor.

Most Promising Intern Researcher:

Sheena Bhushan, MD

Most Promising Senior Researcher:

Young Min Cho, MD

Faculty Research Mentor of the Year:

Rami Arfoosh, MD

Resident Researcher of the Year:

Oluseyi Abidoye, MD

Community Engagement Award:

Celine Fadel, DO

Overcoming Adversity Award:

Young Min Cho, MD

Excellence in Education Faculty Awards:

Michele Poole Kelly, CNM, MSN – Family Medicine

Matthew Vassy, MD – General Surgery

Franklin Fontem, MD and Idopise Umana, MD – Internal Medicine

Outstanding Residents of the Year:

Allie Angel, MD – Family Medicine

Michael Stolz, MD – General Surgery

Martin Herrera, DO – Internal Medicine

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