April 2024 Center for Simulation and Innovation Updates

April 4, 2024

Read more below to see what our Center for Simulation and Innovation has been up to!

Immersive Simulation Experience: Navigating Trauma Scenarios in the Emergency Department

In the bustling environment of the emergency department, a simulated trauma scenario unfolds with precision and intensity, overseen by leaders of the emergency department and trauma services (Dr. Vassy, Jessica Mantooth and Marren Hall), along with simulation educators (Leah Wallace, Yesi White, Libby Humber and Jackie Payne). Real patient actors, trained to portray symptoms and emotions authentically, bring life to the scenario. Their makeup, enhanced by moulage techniques, lends realism to simulated injuries, evoking a sense of urgency and empathy among the medical team. High fidelity equipment adds an extra layer of immersion as medical professionals navigate the simulated trauma scenario. Amidst the controlled chaos, healthcare providers collaborate seamlessly, employing their expertise to assess, stabilize and treat the simulated trauma victim. Every decision, every action, is a critical step in the simulation, providing invaluable training and preparation for real-life emergencies. As the scenario concludes, debriefing sessions offer reflective opportunities for the medical team to analyze their performance, identify areas for improvement and reinforce best practices, ensuring readiness for the unpredictable challenges of the emergency department. Behind the scenes, simulation technologists Caroline Coleman and Alex Berardi ensure the seamless operation of equipment and logistics, contributing to the authenticity and effectiveness of the simulation experience.

Strengthening Emergency Preparedness Through Realistic Mass Casualty Incident Simulation

Our learning center successfully completed its second large-scale mass casualty incident (MCI) event on March 7, focusing on providing realistic training scenarios for Emergency Medicine resident physicians, frontline nurses, respiratory therapists and chaplains. By collaborating with local fire, EMS and police departments, the simulation aimed to improve interdisciplinary coordination and preparedness for such critical events. The PGY-1 and PGY-2 Emergency Medicine resident physicians were challenged to apply their skills in a high-pressure environment, emphasizing rapid triage, effective communication, teamwork and coordination with external agencies. This simulation served as a valuable training opportunity to enhance readiness and response capabilities, fostering interdisciplinary collaboration for effective MCI management. The experience highlighted the importance of continued training and preparedness efforts in ensuring optimal response and care during unforeseen emergencies.

Advancing Standardized Patient Proficiency: Innovations in Training and Resources

In the realm of standardized patient (SP) professional development, the focus has shifted towards enhancing SP skills and expertise through innovative training and cutting-edge resources. A recent SP training session exemplified this commitment by incorporating various elements to elevate SP proficiency. The session included moulage training, where SPs learned to create realistic injuries for an upcoming mass casualty incident simulation. Additionally, SPs were introduced to a new wearable Stealth Simulation DXBAT Auscultation Trainer, designed to provide real auscultatory cardiac and respiratory findings on standardized patients that correlate to the desired clinical scenario. The SP program updates discussed during the session aimed to streamline processes and ensure SPs are equipped with the latest tools and techniques to deliver high-quality simulations. This holistic approach to SP professional development underscores the importance of continuous learning and advancement in the field of medical simulation.

Honoring Excellence in Nursing: Tasha Murchison and Nicole Drury Nominated for Prestigious Awards

Tasha Murchison, MSN-Ed, RNC-OB, C-EFM, and Nicole Drury, MSN-Ed, RN, CEN, both clinical simulation educators at Northeast Georgia Health System (NGHS), have been nominated for the 2024 AJC Celebrating Nurses Awards, which recognize their outstanding contributions to nursing education, patient care and community outreach. Tasha’s dedication to enhancing patient outcomes through postpartum hemorrhage management simulations and expanding access to obstetric emergency management training highlights her commitment to improving maternal care outcomes in the region. On the other hand, Nicole’s expertise in emergency medicine simulation and leadership in the NGHS mobile simulation program have significantly impacted healthcare professionals and first responders, emphasizing her dedication to improving patient outcomes and addressing mental health in public safety. These remarkable nurses exemplify excellence in healthcare and nursing education, making them truly deserving of recognition for their profound impact on the industry.

Celebrating Healthcare Excellence: Center for Simulation and Innovation Receives Healthcare Innovation Award

The Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce recently hosted its 7th annual Healthy Hall Awards, a prestigious event that recognizes individuals and organizations in the healthcare industry who have made a significant impact on the quality of life in our community through their dedication to health and wellness. Among the deserving recipients of this year’s awards, the Center for Simulation and Innovation stood out for its exceptional contributions to healthcare innovation.

Through its innovative approach to simulation training, the Center for Simulation and Innovation has revolutionized the way healthcare professionals are trained to handle complex medical situations. By providing realistic and immersive simulation experiences, the center has not only enhanced the skills and competencies of healthcare providers but also improved patient outcomes and safety.

Receiving the Healthcare Innovation Award is a well-deserved achievement for the Center for Simulation and Innovation, acknowledging its dedication to excellence, forward-thinking approach and impact on the healthcare industry. This recognition highlights the center’s commitment to staying at the forefront of healthcare innovation and its unwavering dedication to enhancing the quality of healthcare services in our community.

Learn more about the Center for Simulation and Innovation by visiting ngmcgme.org/simulation.