About the Simulation Fellowship

Program Overview

The NGMC Simulation Fellowship is designed to provide advanced hands-on and theoretical training in the field of medication simulation as it pertains to the clinical practice of emergency medicine, critical care, medical education, and systems improvement. Successful fellows will have a strong interest in teaching and improving emergency medicine.

Training is multi-modal involving standardized patients, low-and high-fidelity manikins, as well as task trainers. Fellows will work alongside simulation faculty to teach junior trainees clinical skills, communication, and teamwork. In addition to supporting clinical training across specialties, this fellowship will emphasize collaboration with our clinical operations team to implement simulation-based quality improvement projects to improve systems at NGHS emergency departments as well as perform root cause analysis on sentinel events.

About the Center for Simulation & Innovation

The NGHS Center for Simulation and Innovation is a large facility with 10 dedicated patient simulation rooms including medical, ICU, NICU, OR, PACU, and LDRP rooms. The facility has several debriefing rooms and classrooms adjacent to patient simulation rooms. Running the facility are clinically trained staff members now serving as dedicated simulation instructors who coordinate, organize, and run various simulation events across specialties in the hospital for healthcare providers including MDs, RNs, techs, and therapists.