Andrew O. Joseph, MD


Current Resident


Andrew O. Joseph, MD

Residency Program

Family Medicine

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Medical School

American University of Antigua College of Medicine




Why did you choose career in family medicine?

Like many in my field, I chose family medicine because of the broad scope of practice and continuity of care. Growing up the son of a public health nurse, broad spectrum practice across all ages was the model of care I was exposed to from a young age. More importantly, it is the reason I chose to become a physician in the first place.

What are some of your fondest memories of medical school?

Working as a teaching assistant was one of the more enjoyable aspects of medical school. I spent my evenings going through the concepts of pathophysiology, pharmacology, and microbiology with fellow med students who were struggling to grasp the meaning. I met a lot of friends and learned a lot about myself as a result. I also discovered a love for teaching which I hope to incorporate into my career some day.

What drew you to pursue the Family Medicine Residency Program at NGMC?

After my interview with NGMC in December 2020, I immediately ranked this program in my top three. I am sure my colleagues agree that there is something special about this program. The smiles were genuine and the faculty’s interest in my success as a family physician was reassuring to say the least. I was looking for three things in a residency program:

1. Robust curriculum
2. Supportive faculty and co-residents
3. Community involvement

NGMC met all these requirements and then some.

What drew you to pursue the Family Medicine Residency Program in Georgia?

I think the South in general reminds me of home especially compared to NYC which was my only frame of reference coming from the Caribbean. Most of my clinical rotations in medical school were done in Georgia at what is now Emory Decatur Hospital. During my time here, I fell in love with the state. To be fair, I was living in North Carolina prior to my move and I enjoyed it. My main reason for pursuing residency in Georgia was this very program. I was willing to move hundreds of miles to Gainesville from Fayetteville, NC because I believed I would thrive here and thrive I did.

What were your favorite clubs/activities in high school?

Some of favorite activities in secondary school included scholarly debate, playing steel pan for music class, and performing my duties as a prefect when I became a senior.

What are your hobbies?

My hobbies right now include motorcycling, calisthenics, playing the guitar and consuming material about African history.

Do you have a special interest in the field of family medicine (psychiatric patients, heart disease, management, etc.)?

I have a special interest in the management of renal pathology and diabetes.

What is strangest diagnosis you ever encountered?

Haven’t encounter anything that I would consider particularly strange just yet, but I am sure I will run into something soon!

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