Martin Herrera, DO


Current Resident


Martin Herrera, DO

Residency Program

Internal Medicine

Program Year


Medical School

Lincoln Memorial University-DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine



Medical Interests

All things Critical Care and healthcare disparities; respiratory conditions, shock, ARDS to name a few.


Dr. Herrera was very excited to have matched with NGMC GME as it’s a program that values and upholds the Quest for Excellence. During his residency, Dr. Herrera discovered his┬ápassion for contributing to the DEI space through community outreach. He works to support the mission of the provider-led DEI task force while growing as a physician leader and giving back to the community.

Even though Dr. Herrera is not from Atlanta, during medical school he would spend weekends in our city to enjoy the great food! Dr. Herrera is also a car buff, and enjoys Atlanta’s Motor Speedway or just driving around the scenic routes in north Georgia.

“I feel very fortunate to live and train here in northeast Georgia because it is here that my mom’s words have become a reality. From the very beginning of my career in medicine, she instilled the importance of giving back to our community and I get to do that every day as a resident at Northeast Georgia Medical Center.”

What are your goals during residency training?

Aspiring Pulmonary/Critical Care Physician

Practice Locations