Nickeya B. Wynn, MD


Current Resident


Nickeya B. Wynn, MD

Residency Program

Family Medicine

Program Year


Medical School

Morehouse School of Medicine


Warner Robbins, GA


Why did you choose a career in family medicine?

After shadowing a family medicine physician during my first year of medical school, I was inspired by the close relationship he had with his patients as well as the diversity of his patient panel. Each patient presented with a different concern, varied from toddler to adult, and came from a different background. He showed compassion for his patients and took the time to teach me while simultaneously giving excellent care. His attitude about family medicine made me feel like this would be a fulfilling career I would never grow tired of.

What are some of your fondest memories of medical school?

My fondest memories involve witnessing the growth of myself and my peers. Imposter syndrome was something many of us could relate to, but several of us also faced hardships that forced us to extend our medical education beyond the typical four years. Though initially devastated and feeling like failures, we grew a tight-knit community known as the Resilience Learning Community. We studied together, joined committees, did volunteer work and survived the additional stressors of COVID. To this day, most of us are still involved in the group chat where we advise and encourage current Resilience students at Morehouse.

What drew you to pursue the Family Medicine residency program with NGMC?

NGMC was my first interview and it set the bar high. I felt welcomed and noticed the residents I virtually met all seemed to be happy with the program. Afterwards, I decided that I needed to see it up close to make a final decision before I submitted my rank list. I was able to rotate here for a month and felt both welcomed and appropriately challenged. The residents took me under their wings and everyone treated me as if I was already part of the team – even though I was still a medical student. I knew this would be a great place to grow and develop.

What were your favorite clubs/activities in high school?

I was on the drumline through middle and high school. I started off playing base and snare drum for marching band, but transitioned to a “cymbal chick” during high school, which I loved because we got to wear cute outfits. I also threw shot put and discus for track & field and help leadership positions in Beta Club.

What are your hobbies?

I enjoy finding new things to try on YouTube and Pinterest. I’ve been doing my own hair since middle school and I enjoy finding new styles and experimenting with colors. I’ve also been trying a lot of home improvement projects and reciprocating saws are now my new best friend! I also have a newfound interested in playing Spyro on my husband’s PS5.