Traci Jenkins, MD


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Traci Jenkins, MD

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Family Medicine

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Medical School

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Why did you choose a career in family medicine?

When I was younger, I watched people suffer unnecessarily from easily treatable and sometimes preventable conditions. This experience inspired me to pursue primary care to work towards eliminating health disparities. Throughout medical school, I found that I really enjoyed connecting with patients and serving them in their healthcare needs. Getting to know patients was something that I thoroughly delighted in as well as my love for the great variety and challenge that Family Medicine has to offer.

What are some of your fondest memories of medical school?

The community outreach projects such as health fairs and seminars are undoubtedly my fondest memories during medical school. I helped organize a health seminar at elementary schools which focused on simple things that younger kids can do to impact their health such as remaining physically active, decreasing screen time and maintaining routine dental hygiene. Several community sponsors were involved and donated healthy snacks, tooth brushes and other items for the young kids. It’s always so fulfilling to provide health literacy and give back to the community.

Additionally, I enjoyed celebrating the multitude of different cultures of fellow students. We would collectively participate in various holiday celebrations and learn about many different cultures and customs. Medical school was very culturally diverse, and everyone embraced the different experiences. This has helped cultivate my cultural awareness in general and when interacting with patients.

What drew you to pursue the Family Medicine Residency Program with NGMC – and why did you want to train in Georgia? 

Being born and raised in South Georgia, I searched for a Family Medicine Residency Program that is close enough to feel like home. I was fortunate to travel multiple places throughout medical school yet I always knew that I ultimately wanted to train, settle down and practice in Georgia. I was amazed at some of the innovative  curriculum aspects incorporated in the NGMC FM Residency program such as leadership development and the growth mindset. These qualities go above and beyond other programs that I have encountered, and really show that the program promotes a culture of wholistic approach in patient care and resident training.

What were your favorite clubs/activities in high school?

Drama Club, cheerleading, band, softball and automotive training!

What are your hobbies?

Baking, cooking, dancing, traveling and spending time with family. Plus, I love anything and everything colored purple)

What is the strangest diagnosis you ever encountered?

A patient presented to the ER complaining of worsening leg weakness over the past several weeks that wasn’t improving with physical therapy. It had progressed to the point of barely being able to walk or lift their legs. A thorough history and clinical examination were performed along with MRI imaging. It was highly suspected that the patient may have a neuromuscular condition. MRI imaging confirmed my suspicion of a neuromuscular condition which was Guillain Barre Syndrome. Interestingly, this patient had none of the preceding or provoking risk factors. This was quite an uncommon presentation.


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