Yusuf O. Alimi, MD


Current Resident


Yusuf O. Alimi, MD

Residency Program

Internal Medicine

Program Year


Medical School

St. George’s University School of Medicine




Dr. Alimi was born in Nigeria and moved to Canada in his early teens. He spent the last two years of his medical education in Georgia which to him, is his second home. Dr. Alimi is currently in Grenada as a Research Fellow and is also teaching ultrasound to first year medical students. He is passionate about research, teaching, preventative medical practices and ultrasound.

In his spare time, Dr. Alimi enjoys hiking, board games, tennis and soccer.

“I hope to continue my work in research throughout residency. I believe Northeast Georgia Medical Center is the perfect program for me to grow and I am honored to be part of the development of this program from the ground up!”




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