Internal Medicine Residents will train on Geriatric services to:

  • Learn an interdisciplinary approach to health care of older adults including:
  • Diagnose and manage medical problems of older adults
  • Provide medical care of the older surgical patient, including pre-operative evaluation and post-operative management
  • Perform comprehensive assessments of functional status and appropriate levels of care
  • Master discharge planning to optimize use of community and outpatient services available to older adults
  • Assess and manage ambulatory community-based older adults
  • Care for institutionalized long-term care patients
  • Learn the principles of caring for chronically ill and older patients with acute and sub-acute medical issues, and care for dying patients and their families
  • Provide experience with frail older patients with multiple medical, psychiatric, cognitive, socio-economic and/or functional problems
  • Explain the various locations and types of services in the Northeast Georgia communities which provide resources and safety net services for seniors.
ScheduleGoals & Objectives

New Horizons Lanier Park

Northeast Georgia Health System has two long term care facilities, New Horizons Limestone and New Horizons Lanier Park. Northeast Georgia Health System’s transitional care unit is a sub-acute unit located at New Horizons Limestone. This unit is designed to offer medical and rehabilitation services to patients who no longer need the acute nursing care offered on other hospital units but who are not yet ready to be discharged to their homes or to a nursing care facility.