June 6, 2022

Family Medicine Award Presentation
Dr. Kruer accepting the award on behalf of the Family Medicine residency program.

Dr. Shelley Nuss, the campus dean at the Augusta University-University of Georgia Medical Partnership Campus in Athens, recently presented the Family Medicine residency program at Northeast Georgia Medical Center (NGMC) in Gainesville, Georgia, this year’s Best of the Best in medical student education for the Athens campus.

“The Family Medicine program is committed to training the future physicians of Georgia, from pipeline programs to fellowships. Their educational mission is built upon three pillars of excellence: professional, moral and academic. These pillars are evident in their team- based care model, in which medical students are considered integral members of the care team.”

Dr. Nuss

Read below for the full statement from Dr. Nuss:

Under the direction of Amy Bailey, MD, the Medical Partnership’s Site Clerkship Director for Family Medicine, the capacity for medical student education at the Northeast Georgia Medical Center has grown dramatically. They consistently deliver an outstanding Family Medicine rotation for the Medical Partnership students.

What is more impressive about this program development is that it occurred during the pandemic. We should pause and think about this feat – expansion of a clinical education program in a time when many health systems across the nation bordered on collapse. Yet, through the efforts of the Family Medicine team educational programming grew and flourished to the benefit of all learners including medical students from the Partnership.

Evidence of this excellence in education is seen in the form of multiple current Medical Partnership students declaring an interest in Family Medicine as a career and actively seeking out additional rotations at NGMC. Please join us in congratulating the Family Medicine residency at the Northeast Georgia Medical Center as this year’s Best of the Best for the Athens campus.

Members of the team were not able to join us this evening but Dr. Bailey did wish to share a brief message.

“Having the Medical Partnership students in the clinic and on the wards is a privilege. We are thankful for this award and the opportunity to show students-no matter what their future field is-what full scope family medicine is about. We believe in and are committed to team-based care and medical students are an integral part of our care team”.

Dr. Amy Bailey

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