We are all learners

April 18, 2023

As a K-5 certified teacher for the past seven years, 31-year-old Gainesville resident Michelle Ingram, can spot a fellow teacher a mile away.

(L-R Michelle Ingram and Dr. Freund)

“My insurance brought me to NGPG Family Medicine for a check-up, but Dr. Freund made me stay,” says Michelle.

Dr. Shany Freund, a Family Medicine resident, has been practicing at NGPG Family Medicine in Gainesville since July 2022. Originally from El Salvador, Dr. Freund has a deep passion for educating her patients.
“Working with patients on their health needs, building relationships and trust – this is what I love most about residency so far,” says Dr. Freund.

“Dr. Freund was very personable, and she actually listened to what I was saying. She then took my concerns and thought of many ways that we could address it. I have never had a doctor take the time to sit in the room with me and talk with me about how the medical side works and why she is wanting to try this method. As a teacher, I recognized this and appreciated it so much,” says Michelle.

“She explained why she was choosing to pair these particular medicines together, what was the goal of the medicines and the methods suggested. I felt heard. She answered all my questions with thoughtfulness and deep answers. When she wasn’t sure about something, she would check with her supervisor and together they would come up with an idea that would best fit my needs. I appreciated her doing this because it showed her care for me as a patient.”

Michelle said she didn’t have any reservations about being seen by a resident.
“I was curious more than anything! I knew that there would be an experienced doctor nearby if I was concerned about a diagnosis or discussion we had. I wanted to know what the new residents had to offer as they will become our newest healthcare providers!”

“My advice to my friends and family – run, don’t walk, and make your appointment with a resident! This program is amazing. Dr. Freund’s future is bright, and I am excited to play a small part in her story.”

To schedule an appointment with a resident at NGPG Family Medicine, visit www.ngpg.org