Audition & Selective Rotations

Thank you for your interest in rotating with us.

Audition Rotations

Thank you for considering rotating with us! During your audition rotation at NGMC, you will rotate at our Gainesville and Braselton campuses, which are both busy emergency departments with lots of trauma and other high acuity patient complaints. You will staff with our faculty who are eager and engaging teachers. We like to emphasize learner autonomy, and we will teach you decision-making and ownership of the patient experience in addition to sound emergency medicine.

You will care for all acuity patients including trauma, pediatric and critically-ill medical patients. You’ll also get to interact with the PD team, get academic advising, and will receive a SLOE at the end of the rotation.

When rotating with us, you’ll participate in weekly didactics, including simulation sessions. You’ll also get the opportunity to explore the area including the city of Atlanta, Lake Lanier and the Great Smoky Mountains. We’ll even provide free housing for students who rotate with us.

Unfortunately, since we have a high volume of students interested in rotating with us, there’s a limit on how many students we can accept each month. We are looking for students who are dedicated to emergency medicine, who are hard-working and professional, and most of all who are interested in potentially applying to match into our Emergency Medicine Residency program. If this is you, we encourage you to apply! 

At this point, according to our institutional GME policies, we are only accepting rotating students who are current fourth year MD or DO students. If you’re interested in rotating with us, please visit our application site. In lieu of a personal statement, please write a brief statement about why you’re interested in rotating at Northeast Georgia Medical Center.

Please consider applying! We’d love a chance to demonstrate the strength of our programs and get to know you!

Selective Rotations

We recognize that our best recruiting tool and the best way for you to get to know more about our program, is for you to come and work with us, even if you can’t do a full audition rotation. This is why we’re introducing Selective Rotations!

Our Selective Rotations are designed to be flexible, to fit your area of interest and to fit into your schedule. This is a two-week rotation that will include a couple of shifts for you to get a feel for the department – but the rest is up to you!

Whether you want to learn more about EMS in our area, hone your ultrasound skills, design a simulation session, learn more about emergency medicine administration in a democratic group or simply work some shifts to get to know the area, our Selective Rotations are a great way to pinpoint your areas of interest.

How to Apply

To apply, email us at Instead of submitting your personal statement, email us a few paragraphs about what you’re interested in and when you would like to rotate with us. We’ll make every effort to reach out and schedule a Selective Rotation that meets your needs!

For questions about the Selective Rotation or about the process, please email