Family Centered Maternity Care

Family Medicine/Obstetrics (OB) Training

Have you done a few rotations and discovered you love family medicine, but you also love OB/GYN? Are you considering the pursuit of a career in family medicine, but still want to do pre-natal care and deliveries? The Family Medicine Residency program at NGMC has you covered.

Family Centered Maternity Care

Family Medicine is an all-encompassing specialty. Comprehensiveness is our specialty and what we train our residents in. We call our obstetric care Family Centered Maternity Care.

What does this mean?

Patients are seen within the family medicine office, with accompanying children being seen in the same waiting room and exam room. We train our residents on the full-spectrum of care life – delivering babies and seeing the whole family grow up. You do not have to choose between pediatrics or OB, you can do both with us.

Pictured is Brittany Parker, MD and Michele Clark, CNM