Mission & Vision

The NGMC Primary Care Track Residency program is very closely aligned with the Northeast Georgia Health System Mission, and Values. 

NGHS Mission & Vision Statements

Mission: Improving the health of our community in all we do. 

Vision: We will be the preferred and indispensable healthcare resource throughout northeast Georgia. 

Core Values

  • Respectful Compassion: I impact life’s most sacred moments.
  • Deep Interdependence: I can’t do my job without you.
  • Responsible Stewardship: What I do today ensures tomorrow.
  • Passion for Excellence: I bring my best every day. 

Primary Care Track Mission Statement

We will be a vibrant community-based residency training program, intentionally grounded in the core values of the sponsoring institution: 

  • Respectful Compassion
    Residents acknowledge and embrace their unique and influential role in patient care, impacting the most sacred moments in life. 
  • Passion for Excellence
    As both learners and leaders, residents are in pursuit of continuous improvement, always striving to be better tomorrow than today. 
  • Deep Interdependence
    Residents understand their significant, individual roles within the total care team, with a full appreciation that they cannot do their job without the support of others.
  • Responsible Stewardship
    Residents recognize their accountability in the value of care delivered to a patient, with a focus on both quality and cost. Resource decisions residents make today influence the organization’s ability to invest in tomorrow’s future.

Program Goals

The goal of Northeast Georgia Medical Center’s (NGMC) Primary Care Track Residency program is to graduate deeply compassionate, high quality, highly reliable, cost-conscious internists ​who practice with a deep sense that they impact life at its most sacred moments, who feel deeply interdependent with their communities, who practice responsible stewardship of today’s resources, and who are deeply committed to excellence and process improvement to ensure the safety of all.