Welcome to the Transitional Year Residency Program at Northeast Georgia Medical Center

Thank you for considering us as your home for your one-year training in fundamental clinical skills. It is with great humility that I look forward to working with you to support your foundational strengths in core areas and help you transition into your future residency plans.

A little about me. I joined NGMC in 2009 and have had the opportunity to serve in many different capacities; medical director, associate program director (APD) and now, TY program director. With my background as one of the inaugural APDs for the NGMC Internal Medicine Residency program, I have been able to experience graduate medical education from the perspective of building a brand-new program, to the satisfaction of seeing our inaugural class graduate in 2022. With this experience, I excitedly look forward to building our TY Residency program!

The goal of this fundamental year will be to train you to become interdependent with your communities, practice responsible stewardship and remain committed to excellence and process improvement.

You will be exposed to multiple clinical disciplines that will serve you in several ways:

  1. Prepare you for a specific specialty
  2. Provide clinical education for those planning to serve in a public health organization
  3. Provide clinical education for those planning to serve as general medical officers in the military
  4. Provide clinical education for those who desire to enter administrative medicine or research

We are committed to being a dynamic community-based training program passionately rooted within the core values of our health system, which include:

  • Respectful Compassion: Residents will be taught to realize that they impact the most sacred moments in the patient’s lives and will learn to acknowledge and embrace their unique and influential role in patient care.
  • Passion for Excellence: Residents will be taught to strive to become better tomorrow than they are today by realizing that they are both learners and leaders, while understanding the importance of the continuous pursuit of self-improvement.
  • Deep Interdependence: Residents will be taught that they cannot do their jobs without the support of others and will understand their roles within the care team.
  • Responsible Stewardship: Residents will be taught that the decisions they make today influences the organizations ability to invest in tomorrow; and therefore, recognize their accountability in the value of care delivered to patients, with a focus on both quality and cost.

I am excited to help support you in this journey and look forward to having you train at Northeast Georgia Medical Center.


Idopise Umana, MD
Transitional Year Program Director