Standardized Patient Program

What is a Standardized Patient (SP)?

Standardized Patients (SPs) are individuals who have been carefully coached to portray real patients with various medical conditions. SPs have been trained to interact with the health care providers and staff as if they were actual patients.

Utilizing SPs in a simulation provides a safe and controlled learning environment that is highly realistic to a real clinical experience.

How do participants interact with Standardized Patients?

SPs will remain in character throughout the simulation. Participants should engage with the SPs as if they are real. The Subject Matter Experts, Simulation Facilitators, and SPs will take their roles very seriously and we ask that participants do as well. Interacting with the SPs may include interviewing, counseling, examining, and treating the patient as the participant would in a real clinical encounter.

The participant's role will be clearly defined in the prebrief with the Simulation Facilitator or Subject Matter Expert. Participants should conduct themselves as if they are in a real clinical environment following standards of practice, guidelines, and ethics of one's profession.

The more a participant puts into simulation the more enjoyable and the better learning experience they will have.

Northeast Georgia Health System is looking for people who may be interested in portraying a patient in our Simulation Program.

What are we looking for in a Standardized Patient?

We are looking for male and female participants of all ages and races who would like to take part in the educational training of NGHS's healthcare professionals. SPs will be provided with scripting before the scheduled simulation to prepare for their role. Participants should be willing to undergo a non-invasive physical examination.

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