Interview Season Preparedness

June 20, 2019

Lisa Carter, MPA, Family Medicine Program Coordinator

For many, the residency interview season is the final stretch of the residency application process. It’s the culmination of years of hard work and a chance to prove that you are the right candidate for your specialty. At Northeast Georgia Medical Center’s (NGMC) Graduate Medical Education (GME) program, we recognize this process can be stressful, challenging and expensive! Here are a few expert tips to help as you begin this process in your medical journey.


NGMC’s GME interview season is not just about finding the potential resident with the highest test scores. Test scores are only a small part of what we look for in future residents. We would like to see your true personality! Are you “coachable” and willing to learn? Can you articulate your goals and look people in the eye when speaking to them? Take stock of how you treat others around you (even when no one is looking) and exude a humble spirit. These characteristics leave an impression and go a long way in the eyes of your interviewer. Don’t forget to greet and close with a firm handshake!


• Personal statements should be just that – personal. We want to know about you and what makes you unique. We want to know your goals, why you chose to go to medical school and what your motivation is for becoming a physician. If there are any gaps in your training, thoroughly share why and tell us your story.

• Role play interviewing techniques with your academic advisors, your instructors and other professionals. We want to see your personality, and if your personality fits our culture.

• Do your research! Learn about our program, the program director, the faculty and the program coordinator. When you do your research and arrive prepared, this will help you to find common ground. Research our system history, mission statement, core values and features of our program that is of interest to you.

• Your letters of recommendation are taken seriously. Please ensure they are addressed properly for the specialty that you are applying for.

• Show respectful consideration and plan to arrive 15-20 minutes early on interview day. Be mentally prepared and dress for success!

• Breathe, relax and smile – you will do great!

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