Say Hello to Our New Emergency Medicine Chief Residents!

April 16, 2024

NGMC GME is excited to introduce Dr. Leyanet Gonzalez, Dr. Ziad Faramand, Dr. Adebanke Oderinde and Dr. Mariah Jackson-Arnett as its newest Emergency Medicine Chief Residents! Hear what they have to say about their new leadership roles below!

From L to R: Dr. Oderinde, Dr. Faramand, Dr. Gonzalez and Dr. Jackson-Arnett

I feel privileged to serve as one of the Chiefs in the Emergency Medicine residency. Serving as a Chief will give me the opportunity to empower the residents and ensure that they feel supported in their learning environment. Moreover, it will offer me the chance to be a leader in implementing the values that this hospital and residency stand for: serving our community and advocating for our patients.

Dr. Faramand

I’m ecstatic to be such an integral part of our Emergency Medicine residency as Chief Resident. It’s humbling to mold this program’s culture moving forward. I am most excited about creating a space for our incoming residents to feel empowered, inspired and driven to become excellent Emergency Medicine physicians.

Dr. Jackson-Arnett

I am very excited to help others flourish in the same way that our attendings have helped me! The passion to practice medicine and support a healthy day-to-day life is an important cornerstone for this program, and I hope to help foster that growth. Being Chief is an incredible opportunity to sharpen my leadership and teaching skills, in addition to advocating for our residents as they grow through the challenges of residency.

Dr. Gonzalez

Being a Chief Resident is a privilege I hold in high regard. As one of the first Chiefs in our program, it’s an honor to represent it. I aim to be a mediator and provide a comfortable space for both residents and attendees so that we can communicate effectively and grow together. I am confident that our team of Chiefs and residents will successfully navigate this new journey as one.

Dr. Oderinde

As Chiefs, they will be responsible for acting as liaisons between program leadership and the residents. In addition, they will assist in creating schedules, conducting interviews with potential residents during interview season, and addressing various resident issues that may arise. We wish Dr. Faramand, Dr. Oderinde, Dr. Jackson-Arnett and Dr. Gonzalez well in their exciting new endeavor!

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